Cemetery Property


What Is A Cemetery Property?

In order to bury a loved one in a cemetery, the family must own a burial plot or cemetery plot.  It must be mentioned that  you are not purchasing a piece of land, but the right of interment.  You can purchase a single , or a double space property. Sometimes, they are available in double depth or side by side options. Additionally, there are other cemetery fees which must paid in full before the cemetery can perform the  process of internment. These fees include: Opening and closing, vault, setting fee, grave marker, installation fees and maintenance fees. 

Typical Cemetery Costs

Cemetery Property

The cemetery property or burial plot is the space where the deceased is placed for eternal rest. It is worth mentioning that it is the burial fee that is being paid, not the current plot of the cemetery. Depending on the cemetery, this burial right may be sold or transferred to another person. Catholic cemeteries, for example, have more restrictions on these rights. Read your contract well before signing it, or check with one of our funeral agents. The simple burial space can cost an average of $5,000.


Vaults or Alternate Containers are often required by cemeteries for burial. These enclosures are intended to reinforce the ground and avoid the possibility of “Tomb Collapse”. The exterior burial burials can be wooden boxes (rarely used nowadays), concrete boxes or vaults. A concrete vault can cost up to $1,000

Burial Ceremony

A Burial ceremony is a graveside service where friends and family of the deceased gather around the cemetery property area to share their final thoughts, prayers and final wishes before their loved one is descended into the burial space. If you or your family decide to include this option, the cemetery will charge an average fee of $500.

Grave Marker Installation

Depending on the cemetery, there may be other maintenance expenses, stamp and installation of the gravestone or monument and vase. The grave marker installation fee varies by cemetery but it usually averages $400.. This also includes a preservation guarantee of the grave marker.

Opening And Closing

If you decide to buy a property from the cemetery, it is advisable to include the opening and closing of the purchase as this price may rise with inflation. As of today the cost is around $1,200 dollars.

Grave Marker

The stone is the granite or concrete stone where the name of the deceased is inscribed, the date of birth, date of death, and sometimes includes a phrase or significant poem for the deceased. It is placed on top of the grave or on one side and the cost today is an average of $1,000 dollars.

Maintenance Fee

Many cemeteries charge a maintenance fee to guarantee your grave area is clean and the gardens surrounding it are well maintained. This is usually a one time charge and it averages $200 dollars in California

Why Buy a Cemetery Property
From Us?

Typically you can purchase a burial plot directly form the cemetery. If you buy it from a sales representative at the cemetery, you are usually obtaining a non developed property, meaning, it is still an empty lot without tress, grass or any other landscaping. Additionally, the price is most likely the highest one you can find. In fact , on average, these types of properties are costing in Southern California around $7,000 per space and more! And most cemeteries usually require you to buy 2 spaces in their contracts. In contrast, our Cemetery properties are owned already by a private party, and the person no longer needs or wants the burial plot. This allows us to have access to these properties at discounted prices through cemetery brokers. The average discount on these burial plots is around 30% or more! And many times they are at ideal locations in the cemetery, and fully landscaped.

Cemetery Properties Recently Sold

IMPORTANT: Prices shown do  not include property   transfer fee, and endowment care fee. Also, buyer will  need to pay cemetery:  Opening and closing fees, vault, grave marker, and installation fees.  Please contact us for more details

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