Final Expense Insurance Plans


What Is Final Expense insurance?

Final Expense insurance is a small permanent life insurance policy specifically designed to cover funeral expenses and other debts you leave behind once you are gone. In fact, the national average for coverage is less than $12,000. This is much less than a typical life insurance policy. However, is one of the most poplar plans among middle-aged and seniors across the country. As our 60 plus year old population increases, more people are starting to prepare for their final day , and they are purchasing final expense insurance. After all, we will need it some day and we cannot deny it will happen sooner than later .We offer many affordable insurance options to make sure you obtain the cash benefits needed to help protect your loved ones from future financial burdens.

Types Of Final Expense Insurance Plans

Level Final Expense

Is is called level because all the values of the policy are guaranteed not to change. It offers level death benefit, and level monthly premiums throughout the life of the policy. To qualify, you only answer some health questions and the insurance company checks your medical history electronically .In fact, you can get approved for up to $50,000 in as little as 48 hours! Find out if you qualify for level final expense today.

Graded Final Expense

A Graded final expense policy will have a waiting period and a partial benefit in the first 2 or 3 years while the policy is in force. Some medications and/or medical conditions determines if you qualify for graded benefit. If you answer YES to one or two of the health questions on application , you may get this offer form the life insurance company. Additionally, you may get a higher price, but it is usually within most people’s budget.

Guaranteed Final Expense

A Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance is one of the most popular plans today. In fact, is very easy to qualify and no health questions are required! If you are between 40 and 85 years of age you can qualify for up to $25,000 of Guaranteed life Insurance. The only requirements is that you are able to sign the application and you are not terminally ill. If you suffer from: Aids/HIV, Cancer, Strokes, Dialysis, Hepatitis C, and other illnesses, you qualify.

See What Clients Have to Say

“iPlanMyFuneral found a final expense plan for my mom at an amazing price, and they helped me get a funeral will for her at no cost”
Ann Mendez
Orange, CA
“I Called iplanMyfuneral when my wife died, and they took care of everything with the final expense policy I purchased for her”
George Anderson
Los Angeles , CA

Consider These Additional Final Expenses

Medical Bills

Many times our loved one spends a few days or a few weeks in the hospital before death occurs. Therefore, there may be co pays or gaps in medical coverage the family is responsible for.

Travel Expenses

Some of our relatives may have to travel to attend the funeral. Usually, is at the last minute and travel fees maybe expensive,especially if traveling from abroad

Credit cards

Once our loved one passes, immediate family members are responsible for credit cards balances, which must be paid in full.

Legal fees

Any time there is an inheritance to be distributed, legal fees can be substantial. This include: Litigation, will amendment, and probate

Rent or Mortgage

Many times, mortgage and rent payments will become responsibility of the surviving family members when person passes away


Whether is income tax, property tax, inheritance or probate tax, rest assured there will be an unpaid tax liability after you pass away.

Don't Let This Happen To You!

"Life Insurance is for your family's living expenses when you die, and Final Expense Insurance is for your funeral and final expenses"

Sometimes, families share with us the frustration they feel when the funeral home they decide to use does not accept life insurance as a form of direct payment for funeral services. Instead, most funeral homes nowadays use an assignment agency to process life insurance policies, and they charge high fees to do this. A final Expense insurance, on the other hand, can pay the cash benefits directly to beneficiaries quickly without the need of a death certificate, or other documents. So, while a life insurance policy can take 30 days or more to payout, our  Final Expense policies can pay claims in as fast as 24 hours!