Wood Caskets

Most families choose caskets for their beauty and finish. But there is an infinity of details in high-quality coffins that people never realize – and that, frankly, they are not meant to be visible. Details in design, construction and finishing are supposed to improve the visualization of the casket. in an attractive and dignified way, and for the coffin to support the tasks involved in handling, closing and transport without problems. The oldest material known to man makes it a natural and ecological choice, when selecting a coffin. Wood is also strong, beautiful and resistant to shock. And just as there are no two pieces of wood are exactly the same, each solid wood coffin is hand made of wood has its own identity, warming. The choice of a wooden coffin has also left a legacy for the next generation, because wood is a renewable resource. There are many types of wooden coffins such as: oak, poplar, ash, mahogany, among others.

wood coffin
Hexagonal Wood casket

Metal Caskets

There are many different types of metal coffins, and each type has its unique characteristics and advantages. Bronze, copper and stainless steel are considered semi-precious metals. Bronze and copper are listed in weight per square meter, as 32-ounce copper.Steel caskets are classified based on the thickness of the material used (eg, 16-gauge steel, 18-gauge steel, and gauge steel 20). The prices of these caskets vary a lot and, on the other hand, from our network of affiliates we can obtain important discounts in funeral services, especially coffins.

metal casket
Coffin 18 gauge-steel-price up to $ 3,500) (20 steel gauge casket. Price up to $2,300.00

(Most crematories require that the body be enclosed in a cremation or other rigidly acceptable container, which must be strong enough to ensure the protection of the health and safety of the operator. The container must provide adequate coverage for the body and to comply with the rules of respect and dignity for the deceased. Some crematoria will accept metal coffins, but most require that the coffin or container be formed of a combustible material.

The body is cremated in the same container in which the body arrives. Wood coffins are ideal for t cremation. They are made of a natural material that is in agreement with the restlessness oriented to the nature or the environment of many of the people who opt for cremation. That they be approved as acombustible container of the funeral cremation chamber. The funeral homes will be ready to show you a great variety of wooden coffin as well as you can choose a rental coffin as in the photo and you will save a lot of money. remember that the funeral of the secretary of commerce stipulates: “funeral directors who offer direct cremations can not tell you that state or local law requires a coffin for direct cremations, because it is not so, you must declare your right in writing to buy a rustic wooden crate or alternative container for direct cremation. ”

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