What Are Your Funeral Expenses?

Many families often overspend when it is time to pay for funeral expenses because they did not plan ahead. Funeral expenses may vary depending on what the family would like to include in the funeral package. 

funeral expenses
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Perhaps the family wants only direct cremation, or a traditional funeral with body present and service in the cemetery. Also it is very common that the family wants to transport the body to its country of origin.Funeral homes offer many options and it can be Confusing and overwhelming when planning these services. Our specialists will help you determine which are the most important funeral expenses, and what is the best funeral insurance option for you and your family.

What Type of Funeral Would You Like to Have?

Funerals With Cremation

Are You Ready To Plan?

Funerals With Burial

How To Calculate All Your Funeral Expenses

The funeral home must provide you with a detailed document of the total cost of the funerary items and services that you have selected at the time of the preparations. If, at that time, the funeral service provider is unaware of the cost of the items and services provided by prepaid third parties, you must receive a “bona fide budget.” This document should also establish all legal requirements or requirements of the cemetery or crematorium for any service or item that you have to buy compulsorily. The Funeral Rule does not require any specific format to declare this information. Funeral companies may include it in any document that they deliver to you at the end of the discussion about the arrangements for the funeral.

* Remember that the cost of cemetery space, tombstone, open and closing, and burial plot maintenance costs are not covered by the funeral service. These funeral expenses can easily be covered with Funeral insurance. Or you may choose to obtain a separate cemetery property.

Total Funeral Costs may Include

  • Basic services of the director and funeral staff
  • The use of the facilities and staff during the wake at the funeral home, and ceremony at the funeral or church
  • Transfer of remains to the funeral home
  • Embalming and grooming the deceased, dressing, cosmetology and placing the deceased in the coffin
  • Book of condolences, commemorative prayer cards and thank-you cards.
  • Death certificate (s), mortuary obituaries.
  • Church or Clerical Fee
  • Charge for the preparation of the burial space,
  • placement of the tent and use of equipment of the cemetery*

Funeral Insurance Can Cover Your Funeral Expenses

Calculate Your Price

Utilize our Funeral Expenses Insurance calculator to see your average monthly price. we recommend $5,000- $7,000 for Cremation and $10,000-$15,000 for Burial

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