What Are your Funeral Expenses?

Many families often overspend when it is time to pay for funeral expenses because they did not plan ahead. Funeral expenses may vary depending on what the family would like to include in the funeral package. Perhaps the family wants only direct cremation, or a traditional funeral with body present and service in the cemetery. Also it is very common that the family wants to transport the body to its country of origin.Funeral homes offer many options and it can be Confusing and overwhelming when planning these services. Our specialists will help you determine which are the most important funeral expenses, and what is the best funeral insurance option for you and your family.

Average Cremation And Burial Expenses

Funerals With Cremation

Direct Cremation

    • Direct cremation, including the removal and storage of remains
    • Transfer to the Crematorium
    • Permits and Death Certificate
    • Urn to keep the ashes

Memorial Cremation

Direct Cremation plus:

  • Viewing and funeral services without body present
  • Permits and Death Certificate
  • Flower arrangements
  • Religious ceremony
  • Urn to keep the ashes

Traditional Cremation

Memorial cremation plus:

  • Viewing and funeral services with body present
  • Rental casket
  • Permits and Death Certificate
  • Flower arrangements Religious ceremony
  • Urn to keep the ashes

Calculate Your Price

Utilize our funeral Insurance calculator to see how much it will cost you per month to cover these expenses. Remember to add $5,000 to your funeral expenses if you want the insurance to cover the Cemetery plot.

Funerals With Burial

Direct Burial

  • Does not include Viewing or or Visitation
  • Does not include embalming
  • Simple Coffer or container
  • Transportation of the deceased
  • Memorial service in the cemetery

Traditional Burial

  • Funeral with Viewing
  • Steel or Wood Coffin
  • Embalming of the deceased
  • Church or clergy fees
    Transportation of the deceased
  • Flowers and memorial  cards
  • Memorial Service at the Tomb

Transport Abroad

  • Steel or Wood Coffin
  • Transportation and Transfer Costs
  • Permits and Death Certificate
  • Embalming
  • Body Preparation
  • Clothing and Cosmetology
  • Travel stamp
  • Cost of Transportation to your Country

Consider These Additional Final Expenses

Medical Bills

Many times our loved one spends a few days or a few weeks in the hospital before death occurs. Therefore, there may be co pays or gaps in medical coverage the family is responsible for.

Travel Expenses

Some of our relatives may have to travel to attend the funeral. Usually, is at the last minute and travel fees maybe expensive,especially if traveling from abroad

Credit cards

Once our loved one passes, immediate family members are responsible for credit cards balances, which must be paid in full.

Legal fees

Any time there is an inheritance to be distributed, legal fees can be substantial. This include: Litigation, will amendment, and probate

Rent or Mortgage

Many times, mortgage and rent payments will become responsibility of the surviving family members when person passes away


Whether is income tax, property tax, inheritance or probate tax, rest assured there will be an unpaid tax liability after you are gone.

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How To Calculate The Real Cost Of A Funeral

The funeral home must provide you with a detailed document of the total cost of the funerary items and services that you have selected at the time of the preparations. If, at that time, the funeral service provider is unaware of the cost of the items and services provided by prepaid third parties, you must receive a “bona fide budget.” This document should also establish all legal requirements or requirements of the cemetery or crematorium for any service or item that you have to buy compulsorily. The Funeral Rule does not require any specific format to declare this information. Funeral companies may include it in any document that they deliver to you at the end of the discussion about the arrangements for the funeral.

* Remember that the cost of cemetery space, tombstone, open and closing, and burial plot maintenance costs are not covered by the funeral service. These funeral expenses can easily be covered with Funeral insurance. Or you may choose to obtain a separate cemetery property.

Total Funeral Costs may Include

  • Basic services of the director and funeral staff
  • The use of the facilities and staff during the wake at the funeral home, and ceremony at the funeral or church
  • Transfer of remains to the funeral home
  • Embalming and grooming the deceased, dressing, cosmetology and placing the deceased in the coffin
  • Book of condolences, commemorative prayer cards and thank-you cards.
  • Death certificate (s), mortuary obituaries.
  • Church or Clerical Fee
  • Charge for the preparation of the burial space,
  • placement of the tent and use of equipment of the cemetery*


funeral insurance

Funeral Insurance is a whole life insurance policy which can be used to to cover funeral expenses with the flexibility to choose how to use the existing policy at the time of a loved ones death. A Funeral Insurance also gives you the advantage of never changing premiums, and cash value, which guarantees your coverage will never expire. If this type of insurance plan is in force, the family has less stress from the financial side and can spend more quality time in the grieving process.