What is Cremation?

Cremation is the disposition of the body of the deceased by means of incineration. More and more people opt for cremation since it is cheaper than a traditional burial. In addition, funeral services with cremation may include veiling and coffin with present body, allowing the family to participate in a traditional full funeral. Cremation gives you many options and you have more time to decide how to dispose of the ashes: Either have them in your house, scatter them in the sea, or deposit them in a niche in the cemetery. There are many options available, and it can be confusing and overwhelming to plan these details at the last minute. Our funeral specialists will help you with cremation plans, and determine what is best for you and your family.

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Cremation is becoming a very popular option in the United States. According to The National Funeral Director’s  Association ,Over the next eight years, Cremation rates will likely exceed 50 percent in The United States.In fact,  cremation, has surpassed burial as the preferred choice for disposition for the first time  in America.This trend is expected to continue , and it may reach 70% or more in the next 20 years. For this reason, many Americans now are purchasing cremation insurance.

Cremation Insurance is a small whole life insurance policy chosen specifically to cover cremation expenses like: Crematory, funeral service, urn, cemetery niche, and memorial service. People typically buy $2,000 to $6,000 to cover these funeral expenses. Whether your preference is direct cremation, memorial cremation, or traditional cremation, your family will feel at peace when they find out you bought Cremation Insurance ,

Types Of cremation Plans

Direct Cremation
This type of cremation plan is the most basic service. It includes, the cremation of the body, urn, death certificates, and cremation permits. There is no viewing, or memorial service. This service costs between $750 and $2000 depending on location, and type of urn chosen.
Memorial Cremation
Once the ashes are processed many families may decide to do a gathering in a funeral home, church, o other location they choose. This is called a memorial service, and is becoming one of the most popular choices. This type of service may include: Music, food, a memorial video, doves, balloons, and religious service. The average cost for memorial cremation varies between $2,000 and $,4000 depending on location and if you chose the funeral home to do the service.
Traditional Cremation
This a new term funeral homes are using now to describe a full blown traditional funeral with cremation. This type of service can be done in a funeral home or a church and it includes: Cremation, rental casket, embalming, viewing ,  urn, religious service, flowers, memorial cards, etc. In fact, traditional cremation is almost identical to a traditional funeral for burial. However, it does not include embalming, casket purchase, and transport to cemetery. However, it is the most expensive, and it can cost between $4,500 and $7,500 depending on location,and type of urn and casket utilized.

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A Traditional Cremation may cost up to $7,000

Cremation Details and Advantages

Cremation is an increasingly attractive method in our culture. In most cases, cremation is pre-selected or pre-established through a funeral plan. Currently in the US, almost 28 percent of the bodies are incinerated, and this figure is expected to increase to 36 percent by 2018. In a couple of states on the eastern seaboard (where people can be more “earth conscious,” compared to the wide Mid West opening, for example), the percentage of cremation is already more than 50 percent.

“Did you know that in Japan the percentage of cases of cremation is 95%?”

Cremation is considered advantageous for a number of reasons:

1. This measure involves the cheapest funeral home, especially if there is no coffin, embalming or present body.

2. It saves on burial expenses and can eliminate the need for a coffin and some of the more expensive aspects of a conventional funeral.
3. It is faster and more comfortable.

4. It is more respectful of the environment in terms of land use and the rapidity of “return to nature”.

You can choose a Funeral service complete with Cremation. This can include: Coffin, Funeral Service, Religious Act, Present Body, Ballot Box, Niche, Memorial, etc.
You have the option of keeping the ashes in an Urn, or burying the remains as well as keeping the ashes in a crypt or musoleum. A Funeral Plan of this type can currently cost between $ 3,500 to $ 6,000, depending on what options it includes.

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